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Letter from C. J. Hitchcock to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on March 22, 1934. Hitchcock praises Mitchell for his public attack on Thomas J. Pendergast and discusses unemployment among trained railroad men.

Letter from Effie Estes to Katherine Stark providing an update on her life circumstances and congratulating her for her husband's candidacy for governor of Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to R. P. Spencer, thanking him for his advice and reporting that he thinks Senator Bennett Clark will be friendly to his campaign. He also mentions contacts in Howard County and Arrow Rock.

Article by E. Montgomery Reily in which he discusses the practice of Republicans voting in the Democratic primary during the recent election.

Letter from Missouri Congressman Thomas J. Daggs to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark assuring him of his support int he Democratic primary and warning of a challenge from Emmet O'Malley in November.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark discussing Pendergast support in the gubernatorial race vs that for Roy McKittrick, and Hurst's efforts to gather support for Stark.

Letter from sitting Missouri Governor Guy Park to Jim Pendergast, indicating his desire to speak with incoming Governor Lloyd Stark about Pendergast's recommended appointment to the Workmen's Compensation Commission.

Letter from Joseph Sicker inviting the Starks to visit them in New York. The letter also provides details of a fruit basket order made by the Starks for delivery to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pendergast.

Letter dictated for a telegram from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to Colonel Otto P. Higgins, Kansas City Director of Police, regarding the requests he has received for National Guard protection for the upcoming election, and asking for his opinion of the matter.

Letter from R. F. Baynes to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the state of the Missouri Supreme Court race in New Madrid County. He writes that Prosecuting Attorney J. V. Conran supports Billings and that the Pendergast machine is providing support for Billings in the county.

Letter from J. E. Connor to Guy B. Park regarding his application for a job and the endorsements he has and is seeking from Pendergast and others.

Letter from Ernest O. Boone to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the need for "a better Lincoln University for the Negro Youth of the state" and information about the gubernatorial race.