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Two residents, a man and a woman, of Greenway Fields walk near the Rams' Heads, a decorative motif for a trellis over the sidewalk on Valley Road near 62nd Street. This vantage point faces north-northeast on Valley Road south of 62nd Street.

Sponsored by the Women's Community Council, this Christmas pageant was held at 4 PM on December 24, 1921 for all children and parents in the Country Club District. This vantage point faces south at the intersection of Westover Road, 54th Street, and Brookside Boulevard.

The statue of a small boy and a pool were features of the Crestwood interior park named Happy Woods Park, once located between 54th Street, 55th Street, Locust Street, and Cherry Street. This vantage point faces southeast towards the intersection of Locust Street, 55th Street, and Oak Street in the far right background.

View of Arbor Villa Park. Homes, cherubs, trees, a tennis court, and playground equipment all visible in background. This vantage point faces south towards the intersection of Edgevale Road and Main Street in the right background.

Interior of Chandler's Flower Shop facing north, a man and woman are browsing the store's floral arrangements. The building pictured was once located at the southwestern corner of 47th Street and Mill Creek Parkway (now Baltimore Avenue).

An aerial view of the Country Club Plaza in 1925, looking north-northwest near Brookside Boulevard and 51st Street.

The Kansas City Welcoming Committee to Secretary Patrick J. Hurley and party under the auspices of Missouri River Navigation Association. Mr. Nichols can be seen in the back row, fourth from the left.

The defunct Lake Hiwassee in Mission Hills, Kansas was bordered by Indian Lane to the west, Wenonga Road to the east, and 63rd Street to the north. The large concrete dam pictured was been built across Brush Creek at this point. This vantage point faces southwest on 63rd Street, just west of Wenonga Road.

Male mariachi band members with assorted female guests at the 1938 Country Club Plaza Fiesta.

Brentnall Shop at 217 W. 47th Street, specializing in corsets, lingerie, and hosiery. This vantage point faces south on 47th Street between Wyandotte Street and Central Street.

This picture was taken looking northeast just east of the intersection of Alameda Road (now Nichols Road) and Central Street. Christmas decorations are shown on the streets of the Country Club Plaza.

This picture was taken looking west on 69th Street just east of Brookside Road and Wornall Road.