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Home of Edwin W. Shields at 5110 Cherry Street, completed shortly after World War I. This vantage point faces south-southeast towards the main entrance of the home. This building is now part of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

This picture of the Crestwood Shops was taken looking east-southeast on 55th Street between Brookside Boulevard and Oak Street. A crowd of men, women, and children are waiting to see the Easter Bunny.

A young boy with his bike and dog photographed in front of a Slow - Children street sign erected by the Westwood Homes Association at Westwood Road and Mercier. This vantage point faces north-northwest at the intersection of Mercier Street and Westwood Road.

This picture of the J. C. Nichols Company building was taken looking northeast on the north side of Ward Parkway just west of Central Street.

250 year old antique Carrara marble bench from Venice, placed outside the wall surrounding one of the free parking stations, in the park space between the wall and public sidewalk. This vantage point faces north-northeast on Ward Parkway just west of Wyandotte Street.

A pergola covered with ivy with a wading pool in the background. A small child is standing in the pool located in Arbor Villa Park. This vantage point faces southeast from the intersection of 66th Terrace and Main Street.

Smoke clouds arising from Lyle Rock Company quarry, located at 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Group of men and women celebrating at the 1936 Country Club Plaza Fiesta. Among those pictured are Ike Smith, manager of Park Lane Hotel; William. J. Crawford; Edward Tanner; Lucy Drage; Katherine Page; Mary McGavran; Charlotte Crane; and Hazel B. Clough.

Younger boys and girls participating in a maypole dance at the 1921 Country Club District Field Day on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School. Six schools and one kindergarten participated. This vantage point faces east towards houses on Sunset Hill in the far background.

Groups of carolers traveled around the Country Club District on Christmas Eve. The J. C. Nichols Company furnished the hayracks and teams of carolers. This vantage point faces north towards the Country Club Coffee Shop at the Colonial Shops on 51st Street between Brookside Boulevard and Oak Street.

Sheep grazing up and down the hillsides of Mission Hills. The sheep "earned their keep" by clearing the property of weeds.

Five children marching and holding American flags for 1923 Field Day parade on the grounds of the Pembroke-Country Day School.