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Architect's model of the New Municipal Market which was planned to be completed in 1938 on the grounds of the demolished City Hall and Market.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark discusses a Redistricting Bill and asks Reed to ask for Thomas J. Pendergast's input on the matter.

Series of articles from the Kansas City Star entitled "What Kansas City Is to Get for Its Ten-Year Plan Money". It details each proposition to be voted upon in the May 26, 1931 election.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast regarding Judge C. C. Dickinson's position on the Eighteenth Amendment, and remarks that he thinks "you can trust him to go along and get rid of thise prohibition nuisance."

Articles of Agreement of City Beverage Company, Kansas City, Missouri. The document defines the company's capital stock, shares, and term length. The shareholders and board of directors are listed as Philip H. McCrory, William H. McCrory, Albert P. Spaar, and John Lazia. The articles then list the five purposes of the company.

Telegram from Tom Pendergast to Senator James A. Reed regarding "the Franklin matter."

Old municipal market and city hall in the process of being torn down for a new municipal market. This vantage point faces northwest from the intersection of 5th Street and Walnut Street.

Blank order form for the T.J. Pendergast Wholesale Liquor Co. at 525-527 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast wishing him a speedy recovery from an illness.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast recommending Judge Nichols for a position.

Photograph of a newly constructed shelter house with a picnic oven at Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1930s. This vantage point faces south-southeast towards Shelter House #4, located just east of present-day Starlight Theatre.

Transcript of testimony given by Thomas J. Pendergast Jr. in the office of the Intelligence Unit of the Internal Revenue Service at 1301 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Internal Revenue Agent P. J. McGrath asks various questions related to Thomas J. Pendergast Jr.'s finances starting in 1932.