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Legal document that details the housing and property restrictions imposed upon certain lots in Blocks 5, 7, and 8 in the Oak-Meyer Gardens subdivision in Kansas City, Missouri. Some benign restrictions stipulate acceptable architectural features and minimum residence cost and ground frontage.

Reissued certificate of baptism of Thomas Pendergast, performed on August 6, 1872, and referencing Pendergast's birth in St. Joseph, Missouri, on July 22, 1872. Ceremony performed by Rev. Thomas Walsh.

Photograph with caption, describing Thomas J. Pendergast Jr., his wife, Mary Louise Weyer Pendergast, and James M. Pendergast traveling to New York to see Thomas J. Pendergast, who recently underwent surgery.

A report of the Executive Committee to the Civic Improvement Committee of Kansas City outlining a Ten-Year Improvement Program for Kansas City, Jackson County, and the School District of Kansas City. It details each proposed project with an estimated cost.

Letter from James A. Reed to Bennett C. Clark. Reed replies that he is shocked by the information in Clark's previous letter and asks to meet in person to discuss the matter.

Letter from James A. Reed to Bennett C. Clark. Reed states that he is not sure what he can accomplish concerning the Redistricting Bill, but says that he will speak with Thomas J. Pendergast on the matter. Reed then explains rumors of his endorsement of Harry Hawes.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark suggests that Reed convinces Pendergast to support Elmer Jones instead of H. O. Maxey or Gene Nelson as Missouri Speaker of the House.

American Royal Livestock Pavilion, reconstructed in 1925. This vantage point faces northwest with the 23rd Street Viaduct on the left.

An analysis of City Beverage Company's surplus from July 15, 1933 through 1947. The document includes net profits for each year as well as deductions and additions of various types. The highest reported balance of the company was $111,271.64 at the end of 1945.

Broadside with a Q&A concerning the Ten-Year Plan. This document was disseminated in support of the propositions to be voted upon at the May 26, 1931 election. These propositions include numerous developments to public utilities and services.

Two accounts receivable documents: one showing credit between City Beverage Company, Kansas City, Missouri, and Atlas Beverage Company, Inc., from 1936 through 1947; and one between City Beverage Company, Kansas City, Missouri, and City Beverage Company, Inc., Kansas City, Kansas from 1937 through 1942.

Letter from Senator James A. Reed to James M. Pendergast forwarding a request from a young man seeking assistance.