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Certificate of authority to commence business, issued by the Secretary of State of Missouri Dwight H. Brown and given to City Beverage Company. Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr. was a partner of City Beverage Company and provided Kansas City with Anheuser-Busch products.

Letter from Harry S. Truman to J. C. Nichols. Truman states that it would not be prudent for the federal government to interfere with Kansas City labor issues. Instead, he suggests contacting the Director of Police in Kansas City.

Letter from Theodore Gary to Thomas J. Pendergast on May 27, 1931. Theodore Gary writes from the Telephone Building in Kansas City, Missouri, to "Boss" Thomas J. Pendergast, congratulating him on the successful termination of the Bond Campaign.

Letter from James A. Reed to James M. Pendergast regarding a Mr. Jones attempting to be placed in a job for Matthew Murray.

Photograph of Wilbur H. Dunn Park in the summer of 1937, looking north from 68th St. at the Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph with caption, describing Thomas J. Pendergast's abrupt decision to end his tour of Europe because of the illness of his wife, Carolyn Elizabeth Pendergast.

Library and Administration buildings at the University of Kansas City, later University of Missouri-Kansas City. This vantage point faces northwest towards Newcomb Hall (left) and Scofield Hall (right).

Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, dedicated in 1914. This vantage point faces north-northeast from Liberty Memorial and shows downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the background.

Photograph of the Kansas City Post Office, open September 25, 1933 opposite Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces southeast near the intersection of Broadway and Pershing Road.

Legal document that details the housing and property restrictions imposed upon certain lots in Blocks 5, 7, and 8 in the Oak-Meyer Gardens subdivision in Kansas City, Missouri. Some benign restrictions stipulate acceptable architectural features and minimum residence cost and ground frontage.

Reissued certificate of baptism of Thomas Pendergast, performed on August 6, 1872, and referencing Pendergast's birth in St. Joseph, Missouri, on July 22, 1872. Ceremony performed by Rev. Thomas Walsh.

Photograph with caption, describing Thomas J. Pendergast Jr., his wife, Mary Louise Weyer Pendergast, and James M. Pendergast traveling to New York to see Thomas J. Pendergast, who recently underwent surgery.