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Memorandum about Ready-Mixed Concrete Co.

Memorandum describing the stockholders of Ready-Mixed Concrete Company, Centropolis Crusher Company, and P. R. Realty Company and their respective shares of the companies.

Martha Washington Candy Shop in the Country Club Plaza

Martha Washington Candy Shop located at 215 West 47th Street. This vantage point faces south on 47th Street between Wyandotte Street and Central Street.

Marie Antoinette Shop at 63rd Street and Brookside Boulevard

This picture was taken looking west in the Marie Antoinette Shop, once located at 6231 Brookside Boulevard in the Brookside Shopping District.

Map of Expenditures for Major Traffic Arteries

Map of Kansas City, Missouri indicating a proposed plan for expenditure of $8.3 million for major traffic arteries in Kansas City.

Lyle Rock Company quarry

Smoke clouds arising from Lyle Rock Company quarry, located at 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Loan Agreement from the Commerce Trust Co.

Loan agreement between T.J. Pendergast, T.J. Pendergast Jr., and P.H. McCrory and the Commerce Trust Company.

Lily pond on Ward Parkway

This picture of a lily pond was taken looking north on 62nd Street between the two lanes of Ward Parkway. The Country Club Christian Church can be seen in the background to the right.

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial, monument to World War I, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point was taken from the Kansas City Union Station, facing south-southwest towards the monument.

Letterhead for T.J. Pendergast Wholesale Liquor Co.

Blank letterhead for T.J. Pendergast Wholesale Liquor Co. at 525-527 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Letterhead for Pendergast Distributing Co.

Blank letterhead for the Pendergast Distributing Co. The header also includes Pabst Milwaukee and Blue Ribbon Brand Malt Syrup.

Lake Hiwassee in Indian Hills

The defunct Lake Hiwassee in Mission Hills, Kansas was bordered by Indian Lane to the west, Wenonga Road to the east, and 63rd Street to the north. The large concrete dam pictured was been built across Brush Creek at this point. This vantage point faces southwest on 63rd Street, just west of Wenonga Road.

Lake at the Kansas City Country Club

Kansas Citians skating on the lake at the Kansas City Country Club, now Loose Park, in the winter of 1920.