Press & Awards

For those who want to learn more about the site, this page contains media appearances and promotional efforts made on behalf of The Pendergast Years project, as well as news stories, awards and other recognitions.

Autry Public History Prize

The Pendergast Years was awarded the Autry Public History Prize at the annual conference of the Western History Association.

C-SPAN Cities Tour

Digital History Specialist Jason Roe spoke with C-SPAN during their 2017 Cities Tour to discuss the (then-forthcoming) Pendergast Years website.

Podcast Appearances

Derby Day in Kansas. Archiver. Nov. 28, 2017
Wide-Open Town. Our Missouri. Feb. 25, 2019
How One Man Ruled 1920s Kansas City Like a Caesar. History on the Net. 2018.

Award of Excellence

The Pendergast Years recieved an award of excellence from the American Association for State & Local History, 2019.

MCH Book Award

The companion volume, Wide-Open Town: Kansas City in the Pendergast Era was the winner of the 2019 Book Award from the Missouri Conference on History.

Book Launch Event

A signing and launch event for the book, Wide-Open Town: Kansas City in the Pendergast Era was held at Plaza Library on Jan. 8, 2019.

JCHS Award

The Jackson County Historical Society presented the Library and The Pendergast Years with the Digital History award at its annual banquet in January 2019.

Radio Appearance

Jason Roe stopped by the studios of KCUR to discuss his essay on General Hospital No.2 and the broader Pendergast project, including the published volume. Time stamp: 36:25

Facebook Live

Project staff discuss the launch of the website with the Library's social media manager on Facebook Live.

The Boss Bash

The Friends of the Library and Tom's Town Distilling Co. hosted the Boss Bash to promote The Pendergast Years and engage people with the entertaining history of this era.

Website Launch

The website launched on Feb. 28, 2018 with a presentation by historian Jon Taylor about Harry's Truman's relationship to the Pendergast Machine.