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Photograph of opera singer Laurence Pierot posed with the choir of the Holy Cross Parish in front of the church after Mass. Pictured, front row: Mary Maloney, Mrs. J. Reed, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Frances Coughlan, Mrs. J. Cronin, Mrs. Durbin, Helen Fallaschek; second row: Edgar J. Keating, Alice Gerhart, Mrs. Frank Kapprell, Josephine Shoopman (organist), Teresa O'Connor, Augusta O'Flanagan, Bruno Nicoli; back row: J. V. Reilly, Rev. Nichol (brother of Rev. J. P. Nicholi), William Saeger, Laurence Saeger Pierot, Rev. J. P. Prendergast (pastor), Randolph Breting, Rev. J. P.


Circa 1940 photograph of the rectory for St. Peter's Church. This vantage point faces east on Holmes Road between Meyer Boulevard and 64th Terrace.

Photograph of members of the Italian Supreme Intersocial Council of Kansas City. It consisted of members of several lodges and societies for the purpose of mutual aid to lodge and society members and the poor of the Holy Rosary parish. Seated first from left: Joe DiMaria; seated third from right: Tony Bivona; back row, fourth from left: Vito Monaco; in front: Victor Francis DeMaria.

Photograph of Nicholas Madgey, Francis Ruyssers, Joseph Ruyssers, and Henry Ruyssers (left to right) standing by the Ruyssers family Model T Ford. Motor cars were rare in the Holy Cross parish and with few automobile laws, Henry Ruyssers could drive his siblings and friends around the neighborhood even though he was in grade school.


Photograph of the Holy Rosary Catholic School Parent-Teacher Association meeting in April, 1940. Present are local clergy, parents, and students. Written on the blackboards are lists of students who are "Go Getters", "Chumps", "Ramblers", "Hot Shots", "Stouges", and "Scatter Brain". Other buildings in Columbus Park can be seen through the windows in the background.

April 1940

1940's photograph of Columbus Park looking west-northwest with an unpaved 4th Street between Gillis Street and Harrison Street in the foreground and the intersection of 4th and Harrison in the left background. Houses along 3rd Street and Harrison are also shown in the background.

Photograph of people standing outside the entrance to St. Vincent's Church. This vantage point faces west from the east side of Flora Avenue, just south of 31st Street.


Program for the Silver Jubilee of St. Stanislaus Parish, a Polish congregation at the northeast corner of 18th Street and Ewing Avenue near Blue River. Included are portraits of local clergy including Thomas F. Lillis and Rev. A. F. Radwich; photographs and history of the parish; event details; and advertisements. Notable political figures paying their compliments include Thomas J. Pendergast, Bryce B. Smith, H. F. McElroy, and James V. "Josh" Billings.

June 12th 1938

Photograph of Bishop Edwin V. O'Hara celebrating Mass with the congregation of Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

Souvenir program for the Golden Jubilee of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Kansas City, Missouri. Included are portrait photographs of past and present clergy and church society officers, a history of the parish, and interior and exterior photographs.

October 1940

Photograph of the original thirteen members of Boy Scout Troop 70, Holy Rosary's first boy scout troop, sponsored by the adult businessmen known as the Youth Council. This vantage point faces east-northeast towards the entrance to the Holy Rosary Health Center and School.

November 18th 1934