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Photograph of the Kansas School for the Deaf 1918-1919 basketball team. Ten young men standing in a line, facing to the left, wearing tall socks, shorts, and sleeveless shirts. A basketball is on the ground in front of the players.

Photograph of the Kansas School for the Deaf 1919 football team. Seventeen young men pose in three rows wearing football uniforms that include padded jerseys with striped sleeves. Their coach wears a suit and cap in the middle of the back row.

Photograph of three male baseball players in July 1941. The men, whose uniforms read "KIRKWOOD," were participants in the American Legion league all-star game at Goldman Stadium near 51st and Indiana.

Photograph of the Lenexa baseball team, circa 1920. Twelve men are pictured, with ten in baseball uniforms reading LENEXA on the front. Several cars and a house are visible behind the team. 

Photograph of a a women's softball team in Edgerton, Kansas, circa 1935. Ten of the eleven women wear uniforms consisting of dark, knee-length bloomers, stockings, and boots, white blouses, and caps reading "RED STAR." Two women in the front row also hold baseball bats.

Photograph of the 1925 Stillwell High School girls basketball team. Six young women in basketball uniforms and bobbed haircuts sit in the front row, with three young women in white blouses and scarves and a forth in a patterned dress in the back row. A young woman in the front row holds a basketball with "SRHS '25" written on it.