Automobile service stations

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White Eagle Filling Station

Exterior view of the White Eagle Oil and Refining Company Filling Station at 46th Terrace and Mill Creek Parkway (now J C Nichols Parkway). A black automobile and one driver are outside the filling station. This picture was taken looking northwest on Mill Creek Parkway just south of 46th Terrace.

Standard Oil Company Filling Station at 62nd Terrace and Brookside Boulevard

Standard Oil Company Filling Station planned, designed and constructed by the J. C. Nichols Company for the Standard Oil Company. This vantage point faces northeast on Brookside Boulevard just south of 62nd Terrace.

South Kansas Avenue

Photograph of South Kansas Avenue in Olathe, Kansas in the early 1900s. A Cities Service filling station is pictured on the right side of the image, and a Greer Super Service station is on the left side. Two houses stand in the middle. A handwritten note labels one as "Bert Gilbert house."

Sinclair Oil Company Station

Photograph of the Sinclair Oil Company station, the first gas station in Johnson County, at 75th and Metcalf, circa 1920. Ralph Jessup, dressed in coveralls and a cap, stands near a gas pump. A sign atop the service station reads "Jessup's Service Station" and "Sinclair Gasoline."

Romanelli Shops at 71st Street and Wornall Road

This picture was taken looking northwest just south of the intersection of 71st Street (now Gregory Boulevard) and Wornall Road. In November 1925, a shopping center known as Romanelli Shops was completed at the southwest corner of Wornall Road and 71st Street. These shops included R. L. Fish and Sons Grocers, Mason's Pharmacy, O. D. Stewart Barber Shop, Ambassador Cleaners, and a Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store.

President Hotel

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal and side view of the President Hotel; located on the northeast corner of 14th Street and Baltimore Avenue. A gasoline station called Pen-Jac and a parking lot is also in view.

Men in front of Scheper's Hardware Store

Photograph of four men standing in front of Scheper's garage and hardware store in the early 1900s. The shop was located on Santa Fe Road between 79th and 80th Streets in downtown Overland Park, Kansas. 

Kansas City Club

Photograph with full frontal and side view of Kansas City Club building looking northwest from 13th Street and Baltimore Avenue. A small gas station is visible on the south side of 13th Street.

H. H. Trenton Tires and Accessories

Photograph of H. H. Trenton Tires and Accessories (right) at the southwest corner of Independence Avenue and Monroe Avenue. The Monark Gasoline and Oil Company (left) is also pictured at the southeast corner of Independence and Monroe. This vantage point faces south-southeast from the northeast corner of Independence and Askew Avenue.

Gas station in Fairway, Kansas

Northwest view from the southeast corner of U.S. Route 50 (now Shawnee Mission Parkway) and Belinder Road (now Belinder Avenue), showing a gas station.

Fountain at Alameda Road and Broadway

An autochrome photograph of a fountain in the Country Club Plaza just east of the intersection of Alameda Road (now Nichols Road) and Broadway. This vantage point faces north-northeast towards a gasoline filling station, a parking lot, and the Country Club Plaza Balcony Building in the background.

Downtown Shawnee, Kansas

Photograph of downtown Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1935. Looking west down Main Street (later Johnson Drive) from its intersection with 5th Street (later Nieman Road), streetcar rails run along the side of the unpaved roads. The Shawnee Garage service station stands on the southwest corner of the intersection, at the left edge of the photo. Buildings lining the south side of Main Street, west of 5th, include Shawnee State Bank, a drug store, and a theater. A sign reading noting U.S. Highway 50 stands in the intersection over and arrow pointing south.