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Photograph of Countryside Christian Church in Countryside, later Mission, Kansas, circa 1942. The church building is pictured surrounded by trees, looking east from across Nall Avenue. The building was dedicated on April 12, 1942, and was destroyed by fire in 1944. It was rebuilt in 1945.

Photograph of a man standing in the construction site of a Baptist church in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1920. Brick walls are built to approximately 6 feet, and houses are visible in the background. 

Photograph looking west along the north side of 9th Street between Forest Avenue and Tracy Avenue. The First Church of Christ Scientist is pictured to the left.

Photograph looking north along Broadway Boulevard from 13th Street. The Hotel Commonwealth is pictured to the left.

Photograph looking north on the east side of Forest Avenue between 9th Street and 10th Street. The First Church of Christ Scientist is pictured to the left.

Photograph looking east along the south side of 13th from the east side of Holmes. St. Mary's Episcopal Church is pictured to the right.

Postcard of the Brookside Hotel, built in 1918 at the southwest corner of 54th Street and Oak Street. This vantage point faces southeast from just east of the intersection of 54th Street and Brookside Boulevard. The Second Presbyterian Church is pictured to the right.

Circa 1925 photograph of Grace English Lutheran Church in the winter at the southeast corner of 43rd Street and Madison Avenue. Part of the Ohio Synod and dedicated October 9, 1921. This vantage point faces south-southwest from the north side of 43rd Street between Madison Avenue and Summit Street.

Circa 1925 photograph of the Unity School of Christianity at 917 Tracy Avenue. This vantage point faces east-southeast from the west side of Tracy Avenue just south of 9th Street.

Circa 1925 photograph of the Church of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church located at at the northeast corner of 8th Street and Benton Boulevard. Rev. H. Dierks is listed as the pastor and associated with the Missouri Synod. Addition visible behind the church building.

Photograph of the congregation of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church standing on the steps in front of the church building, circa 1920. The church was founded in 1917 by the Russian immigrants living in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.

Circa 1925 photograph of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church located at the northwest corner of 74th Street and Broadway Boulevard (now Wornall Road). Dr. Grant A. Robbins is listed as the pastor.