County government

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Truman and Jackson County Judges, 1931

Jackson County Judges Harry S. Truman, William O. Beeman, and Eugene I. "Buck" Purcell took the oath of office on January 6, 1931. L-R: Jackson County Clerk Eddie Becker, Eastern district Judge Eugene Purcell, Presiding Judge Harry S. Truman, Western district Judge William O. Beeman, and Jackson County Deputy Sherriff Tiny Johnson.

Judge Harry S. Truman Signing Checks

Jackson County Judge Harry S. Truman is signing county checks with a multiple machine.

Johnson County Treasurer's Office Staff

Photograph of the staff of the Johnson County treasurer's office in 1918. The eleven staff members, six men and five women, stand on the steps of a brick building in front of a wrought iron railing.

Harry Truman Sworn in as Judge of Jackson County

Harry S. Truman is being sworn in as a judge of the county court of Jackson County, Missouri. Left to Right: Edward Becker, County Clerk; Eugene Purcell, Judge of Eastern District; Harry Truman, Presiding Judge; W. O. Beeman, Judge of Western District. From: Petey Childers.

Dorothy Hamler, Stenographer

Photograph of Dorothy J. Hamler posing next to a desk in the Johnson County Courthouse circa 1937. Hamler wers a dark dress with light details, and the desk contains a typewriter, papers, and other materials. Hamler worked as a stenographer.