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Tulips and Fence of Charles B. Sefranka

An autochrome photograph of tulips and fence in the rear yard of Charles B. Sefranka, Secretary of the Hall Brothers. This vantage point faces southeast with the house at 444 West 67th Street in the center background.

Shawnee Indian Mission

The restored residence of the missionary at the Shawnee Indian Mission with a child sitting out front. This building is located at the southeastern corner of 52nd Street and Porter Road (now 53rd Street and Mission Road). This vantage point faces south-southeast on present day 53rd Street from just east of Mission Road.

Shacks in Columbus Park Under the Missouri River Bluffs

1940's photograph of small homes in Columbus Park at the base of the Missouri River bluffs.

Rose Fence of Allen Logan

An autochrome photograph of Allen Logan's rose fence, taken from the west looking east. Logan was the founder of Logan Brothers Grain Company.

Home of Edwin W. Shields at 5110 Cherry Street

Entrance to 5110 Cherry Street, located in Southwood Park. The home belonged to Edwin W. Shields and construction was completed shortly after World War I. This vantage point faces west on Cherry Street between 51st Street and 52nd Street. This building is now part of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Frisky Day

A lithograph on paper by Thomas Hart Benton depicting a horse and well on a Midwestern farm. This representational print was created while Benton taught at the Kansas City Art Institute. The original dimensions are 7 7/8 x 12 in. (20.0 x 30.5 cm).

Columbus Park Looking West-Northwest at 4th Street Between Gillis and Harrison

1940's photograph of Columbus Park looking west-northwest with an unpaved 4th Street between Gillis Street and Harrison Street in the foreground and the intersection of 4th and Harrison in the left background. Houses along 3rd Street and Harrison are also shown in the background.

Columbus Park Looking East at Harrison Street Between 3rd and 4th Street

1940's photograph of Columbus Park looking east with an unpaved Harrison Street between 3rd Street and 4th Street in the foreground and the intersection of Gillis Street and 4th Street in the center background. The four-story building to the right in the far background was located at 1050 East 5th Street.

1411 Kensington

Photograph looking north on the east side Kensington Avenue between 14th Street and 15th Street (presently Truman Road). A man is pictured constructing a fence in front of 1411 and 1413 Kensington.