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Photograph of the Perry Cross home, located at 4806 Highway 50, near the Shawnee Indian Mission area circa 1925.

Photograph of the Hauser family farmhouse, located at 7100 Johnson Drive, in the early 1900s. Dr. Anton Hauser and his wife Theresa immigrated to the Kansas City area from Austria-Hungary in the 1880s, and later established an 80-acre farm at the northwest corner of 69 Highway and Johnson Drive. The house was demolished in October 1954.

Photograph of South Kansas Avenue in Olathe, Kansas in the early 1900s. A Cities Service filling station is pictured on the right side of the image, and a Greer Super Service station is on the left side. Two houses stand in the middle. A handwritten note labels one as "Bert Gilbert house."

Photograph of Strang Line interurban railway conductor Leonidas "Lon" Cave, wearing his conductor's uniform, standing on the sidewalk in front of a line of houses near 79th and Santa Fe Drive circa 1910. Cave was later elected Johnson County sheriff.

Photograph, circa 1941, of a two-story clapboard house at 51st and Quivira in Shawnee, Kansas. Owned by Wilhelmina Loercher, the house was purchased by her father John G. Meyer circa 1870, and was formerly the home of Shawnee chief and Methodist minister Rev. Charles Bluejacket. 

Photograph of the Sanford B. Ladd School students attending to the school garden. This vantage point faces northwest from atop the southwest corner of the original Ladd School building (before the 1922 addition). The houses at 3624, 3626, and 3630 Bellefontaine Avenue are pictured to the left.

Photograph with an exterior view of a group of students identified as the 1922 graduating class from Scarritt School. Students would have gone on to Northeast High School and graduated in 1926. Students are not identified.

Circa 1930 photograph of students and a teacher on a double-decker bus parked outside of the Woodland Public School, located on the north side of 8th Street between Woodland Avenue and Euclid Avenue. This vantage point faces southwest from near the south-facing southwest entrance to the school.

Photograph of the rear of the Montgomery Ward building at the northeast corner of St John Avenue and Belmont Boulevard. This vantage point faces south towards the complex from Indian Mound Point (Indian Mound Park).

Photograph looking west from the northwest corner of 69th Street and Prospect Avenue, showing a sidewalk in disrepair. The caption states, "2. Camera 20 feet East of rear door in South side of Grocery store on Northwest corner of 69th & Prospect, looking West, showing condition of sidewalk.

Photograph looking south on Monroe Avenue between 69th Street and 70th Street.

Photograph of the Perry Orphans' Home and grounds, located at Westport Road and Belleview. This vantage point faces north-northwest from the intersection of 43rd Street (Westport Road) and Jarboe Street.