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An autochrome photograph of R. A. Long's residence, taken from the southeast. Long was co-founder of Long-Bell Lumber Company.

An autochrome photograph of the front of E. C. Winters's residence, taken from the west. Winters was founder of the Winters Securities Company.

An autochrome photograph of Miss Jean Love in pose before a swimming pool at the Inghram D. Hook residence. This photograph was taken looking west from east of the pool. Hook was a Kansas City lawyer and his wife Mary Rockwell Hook was architect and designer of the house.

An autochrome photograph of May W. Larabee's residence, taken from the north. Her deceased husband was Fredrick D. Larabee, President, Larabee Milling Company.

An autochrome photograph of Herbert V. Jones's residence, taken from the northeast. Jones was chairman of the Herbert V. Jones & Co. (real estate).

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Don Carlos Guffey's house, taken from the southeast. Guffey was a Kansas City physician.

An autochrome photograph of George Cope's "Rainbow" Garden of peonies, iris, and poppies, taken looking north. Cope was co-owner of Cope & Sons, a carpentry company. This property was situated on the west side of Oak Street, just north of Brush Creek before the waterway was diverted to its current location.

An autochrome photograph of Lawrence H. Fox's residence, taken from the north-northeast. Fox was a Kansas City investor.