Jazz musicians

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Unidentified female singer with nine member jazz band

Promotional photo of unidentified female singer with nine member jazz band.

Joe Sanders and Carleton Coon

Interior pose of Joe Sanders on the left and Carleton Coon on the right. Probably taken in Kansas City around 1919-1920.

Joe Sanders

Portrait of Joe Sanders seated at the piano.

Count Basie at 18th and Vine

This photograph of Count Basie and others was taken looking east at the southwest corner of 18th Street and Vine Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Count Basie

Promotional photo of Count Basie seated at the piano.

Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra

Group pose identified on the drum as Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra, Gayety Theatre Bldg., Kansas City Missouri.  Includes Joe Sanders at the piano and Carleton Coon by smaller drum. Other members not identified. Believed to be early group, although probably not the first.

Carleton Coon

Portrait of Carleton Coon seated at a drum set with a banner behind him that reads "The Original Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra".