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Youths' Council Mother Club of Troop 70, Boy Scouts of America

Photograph of the Holy Rosary Youths' Council and Boy Scout Troop 70. This vantage point faces east-northeast towards the entrance to the Holy Rosary Health Center and School.

Y. W. C. A. Employment Bureau

Photograph of seated women waiting at the employment bureau maintained at the Young Women's Christian Association at 1020 McGee. The image is featured in the photograph section of the October 29, 1933 issue of the Kansas City Star.

Wyandotte Street at 52nd Street

Photograph with caption, "looking northeast along Wyandotte Street across 52nd Street showing proposed widening for the Main Street extension." Several homes, a woman, and a child riding a tricycle on the sidewalk are shown.

Wornall Homestead Homes Association Dinner

The Wornall Homestead Homes Association Annual Dinner on March 15, 1938.

Woodland School Students

Photograph of unidentified Woodland Public School students posed at the west-facing southwestern entrance to the school. One child is holding a banner which says "Savings Banner Room."

Woodland School Students

Photograph of Miss McBee's students of Woodland Public School, posed outside the south-facing southwest entrance to the school.

Woodland School Balcony Playground

Photograph of children and two adults in a playground on the balcony of the Woodland Public School, located on the north side of 8th Street between Woodland Avenue and Euclid Avenue. This vantage point faces east and shows the south frontage of the building to the left.

Woodland Avenue Christian Church

Photograph of the Woodland Avenue Christian Church located at southeast corner of 24th Street and Woodland Avenue. C. E. Croggett is listed on back the back of the photograph as pastor.

Women at the Country Club Plaza Fiesta

An autochrome photograph of women sitting by a fountain in the Country Club Plaza. She is dressed in a sombrero and other appropriately-themed clothing for the Country Club Plaza Fiesta.

Woman with Roses on the Upper Terrace

An autochrome photograph of an unidentified woman standing next to roses growing on the upper terrace at Unity Farm (Unity Village).

Woman with Hibiscus Flowers

An autochrome photograph of an unidentified woman standing amongst hibiscus flowers on the south shore of Lake Hiwassee.

Woman at Golf Tee at Unity Farm

An autochrome photograph of a woman with several others at a golf tee at Unity Farm (Unity Village).