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Myra M. Wilson with a Rose

A color glass plate positive photograph of Myra M. Wilson, wife of William Emmett Wilson, seated holding a rose. William Wilson was a farmer.

Municipal Airport Dedication

Photograph of Lou Holland, Conrad Mann and other unidentified people at the Municipal Airport dedication.

Mrs. L. R. Gilbert

Clipping entitled "Pet Rat to Holdover" from an article in Kansas City Journal-Post on June 3, 1933 documenting the kidnapping of Mary McElroy. The photograph's caption states, "Mrs. L. R. Gilbert, wife of one of the McElroy kidnap gang, insisted on taking her pet white rat with her when she was returned to Kansas City by airplane. She is shown here holding the pet while waiting to board the plane."

Mrs. Ferris Anthon

Photograph of Mrs. Ferris Anthon whose husband was killed that day on August 12, 1933 by gangsters. Ferris J. Anthon was a "cafe owner and alleged alcohol runner."

Mr. Russell with Daughters at 18th and The Paseo

Photograph of Mr. Russell, an automobile mechanic teacher at R. T. Coles Vocational and Junior High School. He is pictured with his daughters just west of the northeast corner of 18th Street and The Paseo. Also pictured is the Crown Drug Co. sign (top) and the Lincoln Building (left background).

Mr. Jones & Grandson in Formal Garden

An autochrome photograph of Ellis R. Jones with his grandson in his formal garden. Jones was vice-president of the Kansas City Paper House.

Mr. C. R. Hunt with "Paul's Scarlet" Climbers

An autochrome photograph of Mr. C. R. Hunt standing by "Paul's Scarlet" climbing roses on the property of George J. Miller, lawyer and proprietor of George J. Miller & Company. This vantage point faces north-northwest with the home at 631 West 69th Street in the left background.

Mr. and Mrs. Browning Fellers with a Polygonum Vine

An autochrome photograph of Browning Fellers with Mary B. Fellers standing next to a polygonum vine on their property.

Morning Glory and Unidentified Woman

An autochrome photograph of an unidentified woman standing next to a large cluster of morning glories on the property of D. Ambert Haley. This vantage point faces northwest in the backyard of the property. Haley was a musician, band leader and owner of the Anchor Hardware Store.

Monsignor Keye's Party

Photograph with interior view of Monsignor Keye's benefit party for orphan children, held in the Little Theater at Municipal Auditorium.

Missouri River Navigation Association

The Kansas City Welcoming Committee to Secretary Patrick J. Hurley and party under the auspices of Missouri River Navigation Association. Mr. Nichols can be seen in the back row, fourth from the left.

Mission Hills Country Club, Hole #9 and #18

A color glass plate positive photograph of a man putting on the ninth hole of the Mission Hills Country Club Golf Course. The eighteenth hole is also in view.