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Photograph with an exterior view of Kansas City police officers and crowd surrounding a confiscated still.

Photograph of a crowd waiting at the locked gate of the Criminal Court Building for news about the murder trial of Mrs. Myrtle Bennett. Mrs. Bennett shot and killed her husband John G. Bennett on September 29, 1929, in a quarrel over a bridge game. She was acquitted.

Photograph of two unidentified women seated by swimming pool at Fairyland Park. Sign behind them reads "Fairyland's Crystal Pool".

Photograph of Myrtle Bennett, James A. Reed, and J. Francis O'Sullivan at the trial of Myrtle Bennett. Following the verdict of not guilty, Myrtle Bennet talks with her attorneys. Mrs. Bennett shot and killed her husband John G. Bennett on September 29, 1929, in a quarrel over a bridge game.

Photograph of a daytime rally for Alfred E. Smith and Joe Robinson during the 1928 presidential campaign. This vantage point faces west with the Union Station pictured to the right. One sign reads "Jackson Co. Democratic Club".

Circa 1934 photograph of three policemen standing in front of a building wearing suits, hats, and overcoats. The man in the center is Chief of Detectives Thomas J. Higgins; the person on the left appears to be Lt. George (Jeff) Rayen.

Photograph of Ben Bernie, radio star and musician, with Frank Cromwell and Mayor Bryce Smith and other unidentified men at unidentified location with a racing form in hand.

Photograph of the arraignment of Charles Taibi and Sam DeCaro, who were charged with murdering bank messenger Webster Kemner on February 27, 1934. Pictured, from the right, are KCPD Detective Ira Johnson, DeCaro, Taibi, Assistant Jackson County Prosecutor M.W. O'Hern and Jackson County Prosecutor W.W. Graves.

Photograph with a street view of man sitting on a pedal powered grinder sharpening a knife or other instrument. This vantag point faces west on the south side of 3rd Street between Oak Street and Locust Street. A building in the background has "Kansas City Cold Storage and Warehouse Co." painted on the side.

Photograph of Mrs. Ferris Anthon whose husband was killed that day on August 12, 1933 by gangsters. Ferris J. Anthon was a "cafe owner and alleged alcohol runner."

Photograph of an older man, possibly Charles W. Zuflet, sitting atop a velocipede bicycle in front of the C. W. Zuflet Hardware Store at 613 Prospect Avenue. The store window shows "reckage-Hardware."

Photograph of mobster Charles Gargotta (center) being escorted to his arraignment at the Criminal Court Building to face charges of murdering bootlegger Ferris Anthon and the attempted murder of Sheriff Thomas Bash on August 12, 1933. He is being escorted by Chief Deputy William Schickhardt (left) and Deputy Al Finkelstine.