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Photograph of the Roesland School student orchestra on the school stage circa 1935. Approximately 30 students sit in folding chairs arranged in a semi-circle, holding their instruments. Their teacher, and several other students, stand at rear.

Photograph of two women standing in a demonstration kitchen on the Shawnee Mission Rural High School gymnasium stage as part of the Johnson County Fair in the early 1930s. The kitchen, bearing a Kansas City Power & Light Company sign, includes a refrigerator or ice box, a stove, and a curtained window.

Photograph of a Johnson County Fair cooking demonstration set up on the stage of the Shawnee Mission Rural High School gymnasium's stage in August 1931. Two women, dressed in white, stand behind tables and an electric stand mixer. Behind them are appliances including stoves and ice boxes.

Photograph of the Assumption School Accordian and Electric Guitar Band, sponsored by Cochran Music Co., Inc..

Photograph identified as, "Fairies, brownies, flowers, sunbonnet babes and overall boys, from Grades 3, 4 & 5, Woodland School playing in the operetta "On Midsummer's Day", May 10, 1928."

Photograph identified as, "Operetta "On Midsummer's Day", Finale - Act II - Grades 1-5: Inclusive, Woodland School - May 10, 1928."

Photograph identified as, "Scene from "On Midsummer's Day", operetta presented by Woodland Schoo, May 10, 1928, butterflies, honeybees, sunbeams & raindrops, Grades 1 & 2."

Photograph of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Choir at their second annual concert at Shubert Theatre on June 2, 1922.

1926 photograph of the Lincoln Theatre stage and orchestra in pit. The Lincoln Theatre was once located at the northwest corner of 18th Street and Lydia Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Lawrence Denton.