Street railroads

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Photograph of the Board of Trade Building, located at the southeast corner of 10th Street and Wyandotte Street.

Photograph looking south from the northwest corner of 9th Street and Grand Avenue (Grand Boulevard). The Spalding Athletic Goods store and Federal Reserve Bank building is pictured.

Photograph looking east along the north side of 12th Street from Walnut Street. Palace Clothing Company Building is pictured in the center background.

Photograph looking north along the west side of the 1300 block of Walnut Street.

Photograph looking north from the south side of intersection of 39th Street and Main Street.

Photograph looking east along the south side of 10th Street between Baltimore Avenue and Main Street. Construction for the Land Bank is pictured center.

Photograph looking south along the east side of Broadway Boulevard from 12th Street. The Commonwealth Hotel is pictured to the right.

Photograph looking east on the north side of 15th Street (presently Truman Road) between Charlotte Street and Campbell Street. The Globe Laundry is pictured in the background.

Photograph looking west at a streetcar stopped at the intersection of Hickory Street and the 12th Street Viaduct.

Photograph looking east along 12th Street at the intersection of Troost Avenue.

Photograph looking east along the north side of 12th Street between Main and Baltimore. The Jones Store and Nance's Cafe is pictured to the right.

Photograph looking west from the northeast corner of 12th Street and Walnut Street. Katz Drugstore and Sexton Hotel is pictured.