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Wilder School Class Photograph

Group photograph of the students and teachers at Wilder School circa 1918. The town of Wilder in northwest Johnson County, Kansas, was a diverse community of agricultural and railroad workers, including many Mexican immigrants.

Overland Park School Teachers

Photograph of Overland Park School teachers circa 1930. The group of ten women and one man stand outside the school, located near 82nd and Lowell in Overland Park, Kansas.

Overland Park Grade School Students

Photograph of students and a teacher standing outside of Overland Park Grade School, circa 1920. Twenty-six young children are pictured in two rows, with their female teacher standing behind. A sign over an adjacent door reads "Standard School." 

Lincoln School, Olathe

Photograph of a Lincoln School class in Olathe, Kansas, circa 1920. The segregated school, located on Spruce Street between Walnut and Pine, replaced an earlier Lincoln School location and was built in 1919-1920. Rows of young Black students seated at desks are pictured, with a teacher standing at the back of the room. The teacher is identified as Mrs. Waltz, and some students are also identified: Walt Douglas, Catherine Tonedo, Sam Jones, Maggie Miller, Merlyn Carr, and Theresa Jones. 

Corinthian Clay Nutter

Portrait of Corinthian Clay Nutter circa 1940. Born in Texas, Nutter moved to Kansas City at age 16 and worked as a pianist and organist. After receiving degrees from Western University in Quinaro and Emporia State University, she worked as a teacher at Walker Elementary School in Merriam, Kansas and testified before the Kansas Supreme Court in Webb v. School District No. 90 in 1949, a case which resulted in the integration of a new school building.