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Gem Theater

Photograph of the Gem Theater, labeled 1912-1923. This vantage point faces south on 18th Street between Vine Street and Highland Avenue.

Country Club Plaza Theatre

An autochrome photograph of tulips growing in front of the Country Club Plaza Theater, taken from the east.

Country Club Plaza Theater

An autochrome photograph of the Country Club Plaza Theater, taken from the east.

Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra at Newman Theater

Photograph of the Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra at the Newman Theater performing a skit to accompany Charlie Chaplin's film "The Pilgrim".

Broadway East from 12th

Photograph looking east from the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and 12th Street. The Hotel Missouri, Missouri Theater, and Hotel Rasbach is picture on the left.

Auditorium, Newman Theater, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard showing the auditorium of Newman Theater, once located on the west side of Main Street between 11th and 12th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Mrs. M. Andrews of Birmingham, Alabama.

18th Street with Gem and Boone Theaters

View looking west along 18th Street. The Boone and Gem Theaters can be seen on the north side of the street.

12th Street, East from Wyandotte

Postcard looking east past the intersection of 12th Street and Wyandotte Street. Pictured is the Hotel Stats (left foreground), Hotel Muehlebach (right), and the Gayety Theater (right foreground).

12th Street West from Main

Photograph looking west along north side of 12th Street from Main Street. The Hotel Glennon, Hotel Dixon, Sexton Hotel, Gayety Theater and Hotel Muehlebach are pictured.

12th Street East from Walnut

Photograph looking east along the south side of 12th Street between Walnut Street and Grand Avenue. Palace Clothing Company Building (left) and Regent Theatre (center) is pictured.

12th East from Baltimore

Circa 1920 photograph of storefronts along the south side of 12th Street looking east from Baltimore Avenue. Shows part of the sidewalk entry for the Dixon Hotel and the Sexton Hotel next door. Entrance to the Maze Theater is in view with advertisements for a show for "Ladies Only".