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An autochrome photograph of tulips by a window of Robert Sutherland's residence. This photograph was taken from the southeast while it was raining. Sutherland was President of Sutherland Lumber Company.

An autochrome photograph of Frank Lauder standing next to a Japanese cherry tree on the property of James E. Chandler, President of Meriden Creamery Company.

An autochrome photograph looking southeast over Lake Hiwassee in the Indian Hills subdivision.

An autochrome photograph of the west end of the Lake of the Woods, taken from the southeast. The lake is located in the southeast corner of Swope Park.

An autochrome photograph of Henry A. Auerbach's house taken from the northeast after the 1934 Drought. Auerbach was co-founder of the Palace Clothing Company.

An autochrome photograph of Anne D. Paxton standing under a large elm to tree in her rear garden. Her deceased husband, John G. Paxton, was a lawyer and city councilman. This vantage point faces northeast with the house at 4900 Glendale Road in the left background.

An autochrome photograph of Edward H. Witte's residence, taken from the northwest. Witte was president of Witte Engine Works.

An autochrome photograph of R. A. Long's residence, taken from the southwest. Long was co-founder of Long-Bell Lumber Company.

An autochrome photograph of George Harvey Davis's house, taken from the west. Davis was president of the Davis-Noland-Merrill Grain Company.

A color glass plate positive photograph of two unidentified women seated on a bench in the garden of Harry D. Seavey, head of the Seavey & Flarsheim Brokerage Company.

An autochrome photograph of Fred Wolferman's residence, taken from the southeast. Wolferman was founder of Wolferman's Grocery Stores.

An autochrome photograph looking south towards the east island of Lake Hiwasee in the Indian Hills subdivision.