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Photograph of the Gem Theater, labeled 1912-1923. This vantage point faces south on 18th Street between Vine Street and Highland Avenue.

Group photograph of Phil Baxter's El Torreon Orchestra, taken by Anderson Photo Company, Kansas City, Missouri.

Head and shoulders portrait of Joan Crawford. She inscribes on the photo, "To Frank Britt, Best Wishes from Joan Crawford."

Architectural image of the interior of the Pla-Mor Ballroom created by Charles A. Smith of Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of an audience watching a baseball game at Muehlebach Field in Kansas City, MO.

Photograph of John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil (November 13, 1991 - October 6, 2006), a first baseman and manager in the Negro American Lea

Postcard of the Carnegie library at 625 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.

Photograph of a a women's softball team in Edgerton, Kansas, circa 1935.

Photograph of male students at Shawnee Mission Rural High School having a snowball fight in 1940 or 1941.

Advertisement for a ladies choice program at the El Torreon, "Where the Clouds Roll By." The El Torreon Ballroom was located at the south

Photograph of a portable lighting system truck used to illuminate Kansas City Monarchs baseball games at night.

Photograph of VeEssa Spivey posing with two other women and a car that has been decorated for a parade and with an advertisement for Black Hawk Bar

Photograph of people dining on the patio behind Black Hawk Barbecue & Buffet.

An autographed photograph of Tex Owens, "The Original Texas Ranger".

Photograph taken between 1935 and 1943 of a baseball game at the North American Aviation Athletic Field, Fairfax, Kansas City, Kansas.

Photograph of the Lenexa baseball team, circa 1920. Twelve men are pictured, with ten in baseball uniforms reading LENEXA on the front.