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Locust North from 12th

Photograph looking north from the northwest corner of 12th Street and Locust Street.

Lockheed Orion 9E and Northrop Alpha 4A Airplanes at Municipal Airport

Photograph of a Lockheed Orion 9E airplane, NC12283, and a Northrop Alpha 4A airplane, NC933Y, at Municipal Airport in winter. Both aircraft were owned by Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA). This photograph was taken between May 1932 - July 1935. This vantage point faces south-southeast with the Power and Light Building (left-center, far background) and Quality Hill (right-center, far background).

Loan Agreement from the Commerce Trust Co.

Loan agreement between T.J. Pendergast, T.J. Pendergast Jr., and P.H. McCrory and the Commerce Trust Company.

Lincoln School Kindergarten

Photograph of Kindergarten students at Lincoln School, known after 1918 as W. W. Yates School. Once located at the northwest corner of Campbell Street and 11th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lincoln High School Ninth Annual Exhibition

Program for the ninth annual musical and physical exhibition for Lincoln High School at Convention Hall. Events include music, games, stunts, military exhibitions, dances, and a play, "Depicting the Evolution of Negro Music."

Lincoln Day Banquet program

Program and menu for the 38th Annual Lincoln Day Banquet, held at the President Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri on February 13, 1937.

Liberty Theater Party, Boys Hotel

Photograph of the boys of Boys Hotel attending a party at the Liberty Theater. This vantage point faces southwest towards the theater on Main Street from just south of 11th Street.

Letter from Henry A. Bundschu to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Henry A. Bundschu to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing election corruption and how it might be dealt with by the Board of Election Commissioners. He recommends "this matter should be attended to without delay for it requires time for the Board to set matter down for hearing, make the changes, if necessary, and procure the new personnel."

LeRoy Anthony, Thelma Anthony-Scott, and Ruby Anthony-Miller Visiting Santa Claus

1926-1927 photograph of LeRoy Anthony, Thelma Anthony-Scott, and Ruby Anthony-Miller posed on an imitation reindeer during their visit with Santa Claus at the Jones Store in downtown, Kansas City, Missouri.

Lawrence Denton and His Seibrand Brothers Circus Orchestra Handbill

Handbill advertising Lawrence Denton and His Seibrand Bros. Circus Orchestra performing at Shine Hall. Admission is thirty-five cents and attendeees are instructed to "come for fun ... not to fight!"

Lathrop Polytechnic Institute

Circa 1935 photograph with full, corner view of Lathrop Polytechnic Institute, also known as Lathrop Trade School, Lathrop Manual Training, and Lathrop School. This vantage point faces northwest from the southeast corner of 13th Street and Cental Street.

Lathrop Building

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Lathrop Building, once located on the southeast corner of 10th Street and Grand Avenue.