Image Gallery

July 16th 1939

Photograph of the Paseo Baptist Church Adult Choir under the direction of Mrs. D. A. Holmes.

Circa 1932 photograph with view of the old Saint Mary's Hospital, 2800 Main Street, looking west.

June 7th 1928

Exterior of the Convention Hall that housed the 1928 National Republican Convention in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


Photograph looking south along the west side of Oak Street between 11th Street and 12th Street.


Home of Chester C. Smith at 6418 Washington Street. Smith was later president of the Kansas City Power & Light Company (1330 Baltimore Avenue) during the company strike in 1941.

July 6th 1935

An autochrome photograph of the terrace garden by the Unity Farm (Unity Village) Club House.

Photograph of the Kansas City Public Library's Lincoln Branch, located within Lincoln High School at the northeast corner of 22nd Street and Woodland Avenue.

Circa 1928 drawing with full frontal and side view of the Southwestern Milling Company located near the intersection of South 18th Street and Kansas Avenue in the Armourdale district of Kansas City

May 7th 1917

Postcard showing the Swope Park Pergola, located to the southeast of the main entrance to Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of original Paseo High School, once located on the east side of Flora Avenue between 47th Street Terrace (Houston Avenue) and 48th Street Terrace.


Photograph with slide description: "Waiting room, Union Station, K.C., Mo. (1932)." This vantage point faces north-northwest into the waiting room from the lobby.

Photograph of the residence of J. H. Bryant, once located at 2407 Highland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces east on Highland Avenue, just south of 24th Street.

June 24th 1933

An autochrome photograph of the front of E. C. Winters's residence, taken from the west. Winters was founder of the Winters Securities Company.

Circa 1932 photograph with full side view of City Ice House Company Oil and Ice Station A-1; located in Overland Park, Kansas. This station also sold Red Crown gasoline.

Nurses Miss Shultz and Miss Hilda Fiedler (later Mrs. Lawrence Williams) posing as a nurse and patient at The Willows Maternity Hospital.


John Walker, Eleanor Nichols, and her husband Earl W. Allen at the 1938 Country Club Plaza Fiesta.

June 1941

Photograph of the Nigro Pool Hall and Red Gibson's Restaurant, once located at the southeast corner of 3rd Street and Walnut Street.

December 16th 1922

Postcard showing the entrance to the main waiting room in Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces northwest towards the entrance from within the Grand Lobby.

July 20th 1932

An autochrome photograph of Frank M. Bernardin's residence, taken from the southeast in the summer of 1932. Bernardin was district manager of the General Electric Supply Corporation.

An autochrome photograph of iris flowers at the north entrance to Inghram D. Hook's residence.

Photograph of the original Wendell Phillips School, once located at the southeast corner of Vine Street and 24th Street Terrace.

March 17th 1937

Photograph of policemen restraining a protestor at a demonstration on March 17, 1937 by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

Negative image of an exterior view of a house at 4146 Cambridge Street, in the Hanover Heights neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas circa 1920.

Circa 1925 photograph of the Sunset Hill Line streetcar bridge over Brush Creek. This vantage point faces north up Belleview Avenue towards its intersection with 48th Street in the background.

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Montgomery Ward's building, located on the northeast corner of Belmont Boulevard and Saint John Avenue.


Photograph with interior view of the A&P Grocery Store at its store opening at the southwest corner of Linwood Boulevard and Forest Avenue.

Staged shot with a fake camera on the roof of the Laugh-O-Gram building.

circa ,1930

Photograph of the Philip Reinhardt house at 5637 Cherokee Circle on a snowy winter day circa 1930.

July 11th 1926

Photograph of the First Annual Picnic of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) Heart of America Chapter 73, taking place in Walnut Grove Park in south Kansas City near 1

Photograph of the E. F. Swinney School, located on the north side of 47th Street between Holly Street and Jarboe Street. The school was named for Edward F.

February 12th 1921

Postcard of the spring on Cliff Drive in Kansas City, Missouri. The back of the postcard includes a short letter to Mrs. Alva Duvall of Bethalto, Illinois.

Souvenir photograph from the College Inn, showing Marjorie Wright, Johnnie Wright, Ruth Wright, Gerry Kenney, Clarence Kenney, Beulah Koonse, and Eddie Spitz and Vearl Osadchey.

Photograph of members of the Shawnee Mission Rural High School chapter of the Future Farmers of America in 1940 or 1941.

June 7th 1935

An autochrome photograph of Margaret J. Helmers with "Mary Wallace" roses on the property of William C. Helmers, Executive, Helmers Manufacturing Company.

Circa 1920 photograph with slide description, "Girls from Westport Jr.

June 11th 1935

Bryce B. Smith, Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, speaking over KMBC Radio.