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Section of Business District, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard showing a section of the business district in Kansas City, Missouri. This elevated vantage point faces east-northeast and shows the Bell Telephone Building at 11th and Oak (background right), the Federal Reserve Bank and R.A. Long Building at 10th and Grand (background center), and the Commerce Building at 10th and Walnut (foreground left). The back of the postcard includes a short letter to J. Allan Fisher of Independence, Missouri from Kate T. Kittell.

Second Annual Concert of the Cathedral Choir of Kansas City at Shubert Theatre

Photograph of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Choir at their second annual concert at Shubert Theatre on June 2, 1922.

Scenes from the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trial

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on February 16, 1937 showing drawings and photographs from the 1936 Election Vote Fraud Trial. Included are depictions of the courtroom, evidence, and corridor outside of the courtroom. Vincent J. Doherty (Chief Deputy Election Commissioner), Fred M. Bellemere (Chairman of the Board of Election Commissioners), and Maurice M. Milligan (U.S. District Attorney).

Sample Ballot for General Election on Tuesday, March 25, 1930

Small card to be used by voters to instruct them which candidates to vote for in the municipal election on Tuesday, March 25, 1930. This Democratic ticket was issued by the Democratic County Committee.

Sailor Maids Program

Program for "Sailor Maids", a musical comedy in two acts by Charles Ross Chaney and presented by the St. Agnes Academy Departments of Music, Expression and Dancing at the Missouri Theatre on May 25, 1928. Notable political figures paying compliments include Miles Bulger, Conrad H. Mann, Walsh-Aylward, and Thomas J. Pendergast.

Royal Theater

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal view of the Royal Theater.

Robert Keith Furniture and Carpet Company

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal and side view of the Robert Keith Furniture Company, located at the southeast corner of 13th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Resolution by the Standard Railway Labor Organizations in Favor of Harry S. Truman

A resolution unanimously adopted at a meeting of the members of the Standard Railway Labor Organizations held at the Continental Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri, July 12, 1940. The resolution endorses Harry S. Truman in his 1940 campaign for U.S. Senate and provides seven cases for such endorsement. The members in attendance find Truman to be "a friend of labor and the general public."

Railway Exchange Building

Photograph with full frontal and side view of the Railway Exchange Building on the southwest corner of 7th Street and Grand Avenue.

R. E. O'Malley and Tom Pendergast

Photograph of Robert E. O'Malley (left) and Thomas J. Pendergast (right). The caption on the back of the image reads, "KC 235368... (Chicago Bureau) PENDERGAST GETS TWO YEAR SENTENCE, KANSAS CITY, MO. T. J. Pendergast (right), former czar of Kansas City, and R. E. O'Malley in Kansas City federal court shortly before both were sentenced to serve two years in federal penitentiary in connection with Missouri fire insurance rate compromise. Both filed notices of appeal. List 5 YOUR CREDIT LINE MUST READ "ACME" 6-8-41."

R. A. Long Building

Photograph with frontal and side view of the R. A. Long Building, located on the northwest corner of 10th Street and Grand Avenue.

Proceedings of the Second Imperial Klonvokation

Proceedings of the Second Imperial Klonvokation of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, held at the Convention Hall in Kansas City, MO in September 1924. Several names of klansmen were redacted in this publication of the proceedings, including ones from Kansas City. Notable named speakers include George C. McCarron, Grand Dragon and Governor Clifford Walker of Georgia.