Pershing Road

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Union Station During a Dust Storm

Dust Bowl period photograph of Union Station during a dust storm on March 20, 1935. This vantage point faces west towards Union Station from just east of Main Street. The caption reads, "Kansas City, March 20.-This is the way the Union station really appeared Wednesday afternoon as sand and earth from Kansas and other states fogged the air in a terrific dust storm. Visibility was clouded to an altitude of 15,000 feet."

Kansas City Massacre at Union Station

Wide shot of Kansas City Massacre aftermath. This event, also known as the Union Station Massacre, saw the deaths of Frank Nash, an Oklahoma train and bank robber; William J. Grooms, a Kansas City police officer; Frank E. Hermanson, another Kansas City police officer; Raymond J. Caffrey, an FBI specialist; and Otto Reed, the chief of police for McAlester, Oklahoma. Outlaws Vernon Miller, Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd, and Adam Richetti were attempting to free Frank Nash from law enforcement custody.