Public Works Administration

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Letter from Chas. P. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing voter registration, Stark's proposed investigation into the Public Works Administration, clean elections, and the support he is organizing for Judge James Douglas. He is particularly concerned about the lack of rigor in cleaning up voter registrations in St.

Four page article subtitled "An Appeal to the Farm men and Women of Missouri," outlining William Hirth's focus on defeating the Pendergast political machine. Hirth was a democratic candidate for Missouri Governor, ultimately defeated by Lloyd Stark.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, reporting on a meeting he had with Tom Pendergast. Hurst writes that Pendergast said he would support whichever candidate for governor came out on top, and Hurst believes that Stark is likely to be that man.

Letter of introduction for Sam Ford from Guy Park to Matthew Murray. Ford seeks employment with the Public Works department.

Letter from Matthew Murray to Guy park indicating his intention to follow through with a job for Sam Ford in the W.P.A.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to Lloyd Stark regarding the appointment of Harold Brown.