Becker, Charles U.

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Pro Forma Decree of Incproration of the Negro Musicians Association from the Missouri Secretary of State.

March/April 1932 issue of 'Mother's Appeal' magazine, described as "a bi-monthly magazine defending homeless children, distressed parents and broken homes."

Letter from Ray B. Horton to Guy Park discussing Republican members of the Jackson County Election Board.

Volume 3, No. 10 of 'So The People May Know' and self-described "publication opposed to utility merchandising." The issue contains statement by each major candidate on the issue of utility merchandising.

Letter from Ray B. Horton to governor Guy Park, discussing the death of a mutual friend, Charley Becker.

Letter from Charles U. Becker to Guy B. Park vouching for H. W. Hershberger with the State Highway Department. Becker asserts that Hershberger did not speak against Tom Pendergast during a recent campaign and thus should not be fired.

Letter from Charles Becker to Governor Guy Park which includes Becker's recommendations for the Jackson County Election Board.