Farrow, Mary T.

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Tiera Farrow

Mary Tiera Farrow, more commonly known as Tiera Farrow, photographed in the uniform of the National League of Women’s Services and standing next to an ambulance, ca. 1918. Farrow was one of the few women in the United States who successfully practiced law in the early 1900s despite the discrimination that women faced in the legal field and society more generally. After having been denied the professional benefits of joining any existing bar association, Farrow led a group of 20 women in establishing their own bar in Kansas City.

Louise Byers, Tiera Farrow, Anna Campbell, Sue Mandell, et al.

Snapshot of Louise Byers with friends from Kansas City School of Law (Tiera Farrow, Anna Campbell, and Sue Mandell included), ca. 1919. The back of the photograph includes the following text: "Brother, These are the girls who were out when the Juniors had their party at our house. Susan Mandell, Glady Asel, Anna Mae Campbell, Mrs. Rogers, Emma Chaquette, Miss Farrow, Elsie Asel, Esther Johnson, Clara Austin, & me [Louise Byers] at the bottom." Byers and Farrow were co-founders of the Women's Bar Association of Kansas City.

Election Results for Kansas City from November 4, 1932

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on November 5, 1930 showing how many votes each candidate received from each ward in Kansas City in the election the day previous.