Pendergast, Thomas J., Jr.

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Response letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast, Jr. aknowledging the letter of thanks and welcoming him to visit when in Jefferson City.

Interrogatories to Defendant City Beverage Company in Equity Case No. 5532: Rhea Graef, Plaintiff vs. City Beverage Company, et al., Defendants.

Correspondence from Thomas Pendergast Jr. to Margaret Truman Daniel, likely dated after the 1973 publication of her biography about her father, Harry S. Truman. It is unclear if the note was ever delivered or if it remained in Pendergast Jr.'s possession. In it, Pendergast Jr. accuses Harry Truman and James M.

An analysis of the salaries and dividends paid to officers of the City Beverage Company from 1933 through 1947. The document includes the salaries and dividends of Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr., Phillip H. McCrory, A. P. Spaar, Rhea Lazia and the estate of John Lazia, and William H. McCrory.

Transcript of testimony given by Thomas J. Pendergast Jr. in the office of the Intelligence Unit of the Internal Revenue Service at 1301 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Internal Revenue Agent P. J. McGrath asks various questions related to Thomas J. Pendergast Jr.'s finances starting in 1932.