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Jay McShann and His Decca Recording Orchestra

Promotional card for Jay McShann and His Decca Recording Orchestra, no date. The card also promotes "Confessin' the Blues" featuring blues singer Walter Brown. A small portrait of Jay McShann is included in the upper right corner of the card. Source: Gene Ramey.

Jay McShann

Jay McShann with baton, taken by Bert's Photo Studio, Kansas City, Missouri, no date. Source: Charles Goodwin.

Jam session at St. Mary's Church

Jam session at St. Mary's Church at the northwest corner of Ann Avenue and North 5th Street, Kansas City, Kansas, no date. Source: John Randazzo.

J. W. Perry

Portrait of Jerry Wilson Perry, or Jerry Perry (usually called J. W. Perry), president of the Commerce Trust Company in Kansas City. Perry was born in Nodaway County, Missouri in 1870 and became a school principal in Maitland, Missouri and Saint Louis before coming to Kansas City in 1909. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

Isis Theatre program excerpts

The cover, back, and excerpts of a program for the Isis Theatre at 31st Street and Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The back includes an advertisement for Earll & Gehring's Original Doughnut Shops. Also included is an advertisement for the Isis Cafeteria featuring the Carleton-Coons-Sanders Novelty Orchestra.

Imperial Brewing Co. Advertisement

Advertisement for Imperial Brewing Co., no date. The advertisement reads, "A. F. Stoeger, Geo. Schraubstadter, Imperial Brewing Co., Brewers of High Grade Kansas City Lager Beer. Patronize and Encourage Home Industry. There is no better beer brewed anywhere-Don't contribute to the $2,000,000 annually sent out of Kansas City for bottled beers. This is an exact fac-simile of Missouri's Best Bottled Beer for sale at all independent bars and cafés." Imperial Brewing Co. was sold in 1919 to Rodney Milling Co.. Source: Jack Ralston.

ILGWU Local 270 Banner

Banner for the Coat and Suit Workers Local 270 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, as seen on display at the entrance to the Kansas City Garment District Museum.


Sheet music cover for Hi-Diddle-Diddle, a novelty fox trot song with ukulele accompaniment. Written by Carleton A. Coon, Coon-Sanders Orchestra, and Hal Keidel. Source: Cliff Haliburton.

Herman Walder, Booker Washington, Walter Page, et al.

Band at Chauncey Down's Hall includes Herman Walder, Booker Washington, Walter Page, no date. Chauncey Down's Hall (known later as the Casa Loma Ballroom) was located in the Downs Building at the southeast corner of 18th Street and Prospect Avenue, ca. 1940. Source: Herman Walder.

Herman Walder and Joe Jammer at Paseo Tap Room

Herman Walder and Joe Jammer at the Paseo Tap Room at 1416 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, no date. Source: Herman Walder.

Harland Leonard Band

Harlan Leonard band in recording studio, no date. Source: Duncan Scheidt.

Happy Holler Band

The Happy Holler Band posed with instruments, from KMBC radio newsletter, no date. Caption reads, "By Jinger, Now Don't That Beat The Band. I thought you was playin' this dern piece over here all the time, well now let's try another one and this time even if we cain't git off togther let's aim to hitch up an whoa t'once.