Watkins, Theron B.

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Bond on appeal in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Bluford acknowledges her obligation to pay court costs in her appeal if the case is dismissed or the judgment affirmed, and Mr. T. B. Watkins signs as surety for her.

Affidavit in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Mr. T. B. Watkins, who is acting as bond surety in the case, attests to his ownership of a business and real estate in Kansas City worth $6,000, in excess of the amount Bluford is obligated to guarantee in her appeal.

Few goals were too ambitious for Bruce R. Watkins, Kansas City's first African American to serve on the city council and make a serious run for mayor. Although he lost his bid for mayor in 1979 to Dick Berkley, Watkins left an indelible mark in Kansas City history.

Inside cover describes the volume as "the story of a trip South that was taken April 9, 1920, by 27 Negro Business and Professional Men of Kansas City and the Biography of each..." The story was published as a serial in the Kansas City Call. The back of the booklet contains advertisements for a number of local businesses.