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Campfire Girls at Schutzel Farm

Photograph of 11 young girls gathered around and feeding a flock of birds on the Schutzel Farm, circa 1935. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J. and Dorothy Schutzel from 1934 to 1960. The girls were participating in the Campfire Girls program. Judy Hawkins is identified as the first girl on the left, Janice Hewitt is 5th from left, and Suzanne Schutzel at the far right.

Blue Jay on Sign Amongst Daffodils

An autochrome photograph of a blue jay standing on a street number sign amongst daffodils on the property of Isaac P. Ryland, lawyer. This vantage point faces east-southeast with the house at 5212 Belleview Avenue in the background.