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Andy Kirk and the Clouds of Joy

Photograph of Andy Kirk and the Clouds of Joy with Mary Lou Williams at the piano.

Andy Kirk and Dick Wilson

Photograph of Andy Kirk (left) performing with Dick Wilson (tenor saxophone) and Ben Thigpen (drums).

Alto Saxophone of Buster Smith

Alto saxophone owned and played by Henry Franklin "Buster" Smith. Smith played with the Blue Devils before co-founding the Buster Smith-Count Basie Band of Rhythm. This instrument was sold under the "American Professional" brand name, but was produced by either Martin or Conn.

"That McShann Rhythm Section!"

Down Beat photo with caption, "That McShann Rhythm Section!", ca. 1941. The caption reads, "New York - Here they are, beating it out at the Savoy in Harlem. Jay McShann (at the piano) and his rhythm section include Leonard Enois, guitar; Eugene (Pops) Ramey, bass, and Gus Johnson, drums. Playing the Savoy last month, McShann and his barrelhouse Kansas City crew reportedly "carved" Lucky Millinder's band right off the bandstand. The McShann's Confessin' the Blues is the biggest-selling Decca sepia series discing in history.

"Off for the Big Jackson County Democracy Demonstration Today in St. Louis"

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on March 28, 1932 that shows Kansas City Democrats boarding trains the previous day to the Democratic State Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Pictured is the Washington Township Democratic Club with their goat mascot, William Hornbuckle, Joseph W. Spoor, M. D. Waters, George Harrington, Margaret Denoit, John J. Manning, Catherine Selby Riley, Mrs. Morris Bigus, Mrs. Mamie Horton, and other Kansas City Democrats.