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Portrait of Corinthian Clay Nutter circa 1940. Born in Texas, Nutter moved to Kansas City at age 16 and worked as a pianist and organist.

Photograph of Dorothy J. Hamler posing next to a desk in the Johnson County Courthouse circa 1937. Hamler wers a dark dress with light details, and the desk contains a typewriter, papers, and other materials. Hamler worked as a stenographer.

Photograph of five members of the Merriam Homemakers Club in 1936. The women are identified as, from left to right, Mrs. X. O. (Nellie) Meyer, Mrs. Lee (Etta) Cox, Mrs. Abe Peachy, Mrs. Frank Miller, and Mrs. Louis Stark. The women stand in a row near the porch of a house. Mrs.

Photograph of a group gathered for the Merriam Homemakers Club "Dad's Night" in 1921. The party took place in the home of Lee and Etta Cox. Eight seated women are surrounded by eight men who are seated or standing. The club, initially founded in 1913 as a "mother's club," ended in 2015.

Photograph of Ed Walmer, Jr. and Marie Ozias Walmer circa 1920. The Walmers are pictured standing side by side next to the front porch of a house. She is dressed in a dark dress and hat; he wears a suit with a short necktie and hat.

Photograph of an elderly Black woman standing in the doorway of a home in Olathe, Kansas, circa 1940. The woman, identified as America Bentley Shelton, was the daughter of formerly enslaved people, John and Tamar Bentley, who settled in Olathe during her childhood. Shelton was a charter member of the A.M.E.

Photograph of three women standing on a stony outcropping in Zimmerman Park circa 1930s. The area, owned by Adolph Zimmerman, was cultivated as a private park and was located northeast of Stilwell, Kansas. The property was purchased by the YMCA and operated as a camp from 1943 to 1998. 

Portrait of Elsie Child (Mrs. H. C. Child), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1938-1940. Portrait of Leona Koehler Ryan (Mrs. L. K. Ryan), president of the Kansas City Athenaeum 1940-1942.

Photograph showing women in a sitting area in the interior of the Catherine Hale Home for Blind Women.

Photograph showing women preparing food in the kitchen of the Interdenominational Home for Girls, located on the west side of Swope Parkway just south of 63rd Street.

Photograph with an interior view of a girl's gym class at Longan School.

Photograph of Miss McBee's students of Woodland Public School, posed outside the south-facing southwest entrance to the school.