Pendergast Machine

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Anonymous letter to Lloyd Stark complaining that Protestant residents of Kansas City cannot find work.

Letter from Clarence Cannon updating Lloyd Stark on his interactions regarding his candidacy for governor. He reports that Duke Shoop from the Kansas City Star "said that no man from either Kansas City or St. Louis could be elected ... the next Governor would come from the country."

Letter from Gertrude Wyatt to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing calm and "no opposition workers in the field" during the recent election.

Letter from William Hirth to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the prospect of Colonel Whitten as U.S. District Attorney and the candidacy of Maurice Milligan for Senate. Hirth writes that Whitten "is not only a man of outstanding ability, ...

Letter from M. J. Sannebeck to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing losing his job for not supporting Pendergast and vowing to support James Douglas in the election for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from M. O. Biggs to Missouri candidate for Governor Francis Wilson, advising him that his opponent was making headway in the Southeast portion of the state.

Letter from J. E. Connor to Guy B. Park regarding his application for a job and the endorsements he has and is seeking from Pendergast and others.

Letter from Harl Garner congratulating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark for receiving the support of the Kansas City-based Pendergast political machine.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Mrs. Francis M. Wilson, stating his confidence that he will receive the support of the Pendergast machine and Bennett Clark.

Letter from W. Myers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, complaining about Pendergast influence in the administration of state relief resources during the Depression. Myers requests that if Stark sends a reply, that he do so "by enclosing in a plain envelope."

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Senator Manvel H. Davis on August 15, 1940. Mitchell discusses the results of the 1940 primary election in Missouri and stresses the importance of an honest election in November.

Letter from Glidewell to Governor Stark encouraging him to consider running in the upcoming 1940 presidential election.