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Letter from W. B. Massey to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local support for the James Douglas campaign for Missouri Supreme Court, and he believes Douglas will win the county. His only concern is "the ability of the Pendergast machine to vote the WPA workers practically solid."

Anonymous letter recommending that Governor Stark investigate the WPA work being done in Kansas City.

Letter to Governor Lloyd stark praising him for his efforts in removing Pendergast influence from the state management of WPA projects.

Letter signed "From One Who Wishes you Success" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark with information about how the Pendergast machine achieves its votes by bringing in out-of-town relatives, "friends of the machine" from Kansas City, Kansas, and WPA workers who "were given jobs just a week before."

Letter from Edna Wilhoit to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, complaining about corrupt elections, and connections between election judges, WPA workers, and the Pendergast machine.

Letter from Howard Steel to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on James Douglas's success in the Missouri Supreme Court Democratic primary, and suggesting the next major battle in Missouri reform is cleaning up influence in the WPA.

Letter from Mrs. Anice McKinley, secretary of the Hickory County Democratic Committee, to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing local support in Hickory County for James Billings in the Missouri Supreme Court primary, and noting that all WPA jobs and nearly all political appointees were filled with Pendergast men.

Letter from Mrs. Rosa Reed to Governor Lloyd Stark, reporting that a man in her area was spotted tearing down Douglas posters and replacing them with Billings posters. She also writes that local WPA workers are being coerced into supporting Billings in the Missouri Supreme Court election.

Letter updating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on fundraising activites and expenditures for the campaign.

Letter from W. A. Berry to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing WPA graft with the Pendergast machine in Camden. He provides "a few names of the drunks gamblers and illiteratures here who have gotten positions here through Pendergast," including "W.P.A.

Anonymous letter complaining about the potential appointment of C. K. Burroughs to be the Business Manager of the Jackson County Home for the Aged.

Letter from Byron Ball to Lloyd Stark, reporting on a recent speech and campaign rally held by his opponent in the Governor's race, Jessee Barrett.