Pendergast, Thomas J.

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"Democratic Rift Widens Over Jobs"

An article by Kenneth P. Middleton entitled "Democratic Rift Widens Over Jobs", included in the Kansas City Journal issue of July 30, 1940. The article concerns a disagreement between democratic factions in Kansas City as to which democratic candidates to endorse. The clipping also includes a separate article that provides information on Harry S. Truman's upcoming rally that night at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri.

"'Boss' Pendergast Admits Calling on Postmaster-General Farley to Stop Prosecution of Johnny Lazia"

Clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on December 1, 1934. The article provides a reproduction of the letter sent from Tom Pendergast to James A. Farley in which Pendergast asks for clemency for John Lazia. The clipping also includes portraits of Farley and Pendergast. After the reproduction, the newspaper provides information on people mentioned in the letter, including William T. Kemper, Sr., Jerome Walsh, and Frank P. Walsh.

"Blessings on You, My Children"

Clipping showing Tom Pendergast endorsing Charles M. Howell and Francis M. Wilson before Pendergast leaves for a vacation in Europe. Meanwhile, rural Democrats ask, "Where do we come in?"

"Backward St. Louis!"

Political advertisement that urges St. Louisans to vote against Bernard F. Dickmann, William Stone Madden, and Pendergast Machine at the April 4, 1933 election in order to mainstain low taxes and safeguard against, "a breakdown of its government such as we have witnessed at Jefferson City under a 'new deal.'" The document encourages support for Republicans Walter J. G. Neun and Louis Nolte.

"At the Pendergast Wedding"

Clipping from the Kansas City Star on April 24, 1935 showing Thomas J. Pendergast, Carolyn E. Pendergast, Governor Guy B. Park, and Eleanora G. Park attending the marriage of Thomas J. Pendergast, Jr. and Mary Louise Weyer. The caption states, "Bridegroom's Parents (upper) - Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Pendergast as they left the vestibule of St. Peter's church today where their son, Thomas J. Pendergast jr., wed Miss Mary Louis Weyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Weyer, 6401 Main street. Distinguished Guests (lower) - Governor and Mrs. Guy B.

"A Remarkable Political Convention" Statement

Press release containing the test of a statement given by William Hirth, publisher of the Missouri Farmer and president of the Missouri Farmers' Association, regarding the state Democratic convention. Hirth reports that the recent "convention in St. Louis was the most shameful gathering of its kind in the history of Missouri," and describes animosity between Clark-Pendergast forces and Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

"$5,000 Check Displayed on Truck"

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on April 6, 1924 showing a truck carrying a large reproduction of a check for $5,000 from Kelly-Dennis Company to T. J. Pendergast. The advertisement was funded by the Republican city committee.