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Louise Byers, Tiera Farrow, Anna Campbell, Sue Mandell, et al.

Snapshot of Louise Byers with friends from Kansas City School of Law (Tiera Farrow, Anna Campbell, and Sue Mandell included), ca. 1919. The back of the photograph includes the following text: "Brother, These are the girls who were out when the Juniors had their party at our house. Susan Mandell, Glady Asel, Anna Mae Campbell, Mrs. Rogers, Emma Chaquette, Miss Farrow, Elsie Asel, Esther Johnson, Clara Austin, & me [Louise Byers] at the bottom." Byers and Farrow were co-founders of the Women's Bar Association of Kansas City.

Lou Holland

Head and shoulders portrait of Lou Holland; photo autographed and dated Oct. 21, 1938.

Lloyd C. Stark

Portrait of Missouri Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Lincoln Theatre Staff

Composite of staff (heads only) of Lincoln Theatre, with building in background, 1926. The Lincoln Theatre was once located at the northwest corner of 18th Street and Lydia Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Lawrence Denton.

Lincoln Theatre Employees

Lincoln Theatre group photo of employees, ca. 1926. The Lincoln Theatre was once located at the northwest corner of 18th Street and Lydia Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Lawrence Denton.

Life Time Influence

Pamphlet advertisement for the YMCA with testimonials, statistics, camps, programs, services, and roster of division chairmen and board of directors, all to promote support of the group.

Liberty Memorial Association Board of Governors

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal on November 8, 1924 showing the Board of Governors for the Liberty Memorial Association. The caption states that, "A copper plate has been made from the above photographs of members of the board of governors of the Liberty Memorial association, and will be placed in the cornerstone of the memorial shaft at the cornerstone laying ceremonies tomorrow. The copper plate was made and donated by the Holland Engraving company. The photos are by Strauss-Peyton.

Leroy "Bus" Berry

Portrait of Leroy "Buster" Berry with his banjo.

Laurence Pierot, Rev. J. P. Prendergast, and William Saeger

Photograph of opera singer Laurence Pierot, Holy Cross Pastor Rev. J. P. Prendergast, and Holy Cross Choir Director William Saeger standing outside the Holy Cross Catholic Church after Mass. Saeger and Pierot were brothers. This photograph was taken facing north towards the main entrance to the Holy Cross Catholic Church.

Laurence Pierot with Holy Cross Choir after Mass

Photograph of opera singer Laurence Pierot posed with the choir of the Holy Cross Parish in front of the church after Mass. Pictured, front row: Mary Maloney, Mrs. J. Reed, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Frances Coughlan, Mrs. J. Cronin, Mrs. Durbin, Helen Fallaschek; second row: Edgar J. Keating, Alice Gerhart, Mrs. Frank Kapprell, Josephine Shoopman (organist), Teresa O'Connor, Augusta O'Flanagan, Bruno Nicoli; back row: J. V. Reilly, Rev. Nichol (brother of Rev. J. P. Nicholi), William Saeger, Laurence Saeger Pierot, Rev. J. P. Prendergast (pastor), Randolph Breting, Rev. J. P.

Lammar Wright

Full-length portrait photograph of jazz trumpet player Lammar Wright Sr. (1907-1973) in a tuxedo. Wright played in Bennie Moten's band starting in 1923 before relocating to New York City in 1927.

Lammar Wright

Photograph of jazz trumpet player Lammar Wright, who was active in Kansas City from the early 1920's until 1927. He is shown here as the lead trumpeter of Cab Calloway's Orchestra in New York City. This photograph is signed by Wright and addressed to VeEssa Spivey, owner of Kansas City's Black Hawk Barbecue.