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An autochrome photograph of a marble bench in the Country Club Plaza on Ward Parkway between Wyandotte Street and Central Street. This vantage point faces north-northwest with the building at the northeast corner of Alameda Road (now Nichols Road) and Central Street in the background.

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Eugene Carbaugh's house, taken from the southeast in the summer of 1932. Cargaugh was a Kansas City surgeon.

An autochrome photograph of the Unity Farm Amphitheater, taken from the southeast.

An autochrome photograph of Anne D. Paxton's residence, taken from the south. Her deceased husband, John G. Paxton, was a lawyer and city councilman.

An autochrome photograph of James A. Reed's residence, taken from the southeast. Reed was a lawyer, county prosecutor, and mayor of Kansas City.

A color glass plate positive photograph of people playing golf at the tenth hole of the Swope Memorial Golf Course. This vantage point faces north-northwest towards downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the far background.

An autochrome photograph of the center of the gardens at The Walnuts, taken from the south atop the apartment building.

An autochrome photograph of Don A. Davis's residence, taken from the northeast. Davis was president of Western Auto.

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Sam E. Roberts's garden, tea house, and home, taken from the southwest. Roberts was a Kansas City physician.

An autochrome photograph of the first flowers of Spring, 1933 in the front yard of Clarence E. Shepard, architect.

An autochrome photograph of Charles S. Keith's residence, taken from the northwest. Keith was head of the Central Coke and Coal Company and mayor of Kansas City, Missouri in 1940.

An autochrome photograph of Lester T. Sunderlands's garden and residence, taken from the northeast and showing the rear of the house. Sunderland was Chairman of the Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Company.