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Letter signed "The Swab" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, asserting that the Pendergast machine has "dressed up drunken bums, reprobates, derelicts, hustlers" and more into electioneering and voting against Stark.

Anonymous letter complaining about the potential appointment of C. K. Burroughs to be the Business Manager of the Jackson County Home for the Aged.

Letter from Bennett C. Clark to James A. Reed. Clark discusses his announcement of his U.S. Senator campaign and a meeting he had with Thomas J. Pendergast. He mentions that Pendergast said he "uniformly pursued the rule of supporting any Kansas City candidate who did not happen to be personally offensive" to him.

Letter from Helen N. Hall to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing pressure against WPA employees to support the Pendergast machine, and affirming her support for Stark's work as governor.

Letter from Missouri candidate for Governor Lloyd Stark to F. X. Teasdale expressing his satisfaction with the current state of support for his candidacy.

Letter from A. Ross Hill to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on July 18, 1934. Hill reports from Kansas City on a Jacob L. Milligan campaign event, the aftermath of John Lazia's death, and campaign speeches against Harry S. Truman.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to J. O. L. Goggin regarding his offers of assistance, and remarking that it looks like he will receive the Democratic nomination for governor without a "knock-down and drag-out" fight.

Letter from Homer B. Mann to Jesse Barrett, describing a recent publication about a Thomas Hart Benton mural as well as his feelings about voting fraud in Kansas City during the recent election.

Letter from Josephine Lay to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter signed "Who Knows" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing Louis Stigall, Chief Counsel of the Highway Department, reporting that he has allegiances to Pendergast. Per the letter, Stigall "has always claimed his appointment came from T. J.

Letter from E. L. Preston to Lloyd C. Stark, noting the positive reception Stark had received at a Missouri Press Association meeting, as well as offering his support for the campaign. Preston also encloses a letter he sent to Tom Pendergast regarding Stark.

Letter from E. Edwards to Guy B. Park regarding the parole of "the Italian Carolla," election fraud, and other concerns.