Election Frauds--1936

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Response letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park insisting that reports of election fraud in Kansas city are true.

Letter from Charles W. Longley, editor of 'The Rockville Leader' to Lloyd Stark, candidate for Governor of Missouri. Longley encourages Stark to fight the influence of the Pendergast regime in Western Missouri, as many citizens resent their corrupt practices.

Letter from Mrs. Nettie C. Alvey to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud and writing that she hopes he can ensure a fair election on November 8.

Letter from Ralph Holmlund to Lloyd Stark, offering the support of the Kansas City League of Young Democrats in his campaign for Governor.

Letter from Jim Hurst to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, updating him on Pendergast machine activities throughout the state. He reports that Tom Pendergast likes Stark very much and want to deliver Kansas City for him in the election.

Letter from Homer B. Mann to Jesse Barrett, describing a recent publication about a Thomas Hart Benton mural as well as his feelings about voting fraud in Kansas City during the recent election.

Letter from William Kitchen in which he states his ideas for handling Lloyd Stark's opponent in an upcoming speech.

Resolutions adopted by the Independent Voters League of Kansas City, addressed "to the Citizens of Kansas City, Jackson County and the State of Missouri," supporting the prosecution of election fraud.

Letter from H. V. Shirts to Governor Guy B. Park urging him to take action against perpetrators of election fraud in recent Kansas City primaries.

Response letter from Governor Park to Hugh O'Connor of Kansas City indicating that he should contact the authorities or provide evidence if he has knowledge of election fraud activities.

Letter to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark advocating for a program to put juveniles to work on construction projects to offset delinquency.

Letter from D. L. Owen to Lloyd Stark, assuring him that his support is strong in the county, despite their anti-Pendergast attitudes.