Stark, Lloyd C.

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Telegram from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast, mentioning that he will be having supper with Harry Truman. Copy of item SHSMO-C0004-F07946-0006.

Letter from Missouri candidate for governor Lloyd Stark to Charles Maguire, thanking him for his support of his candidacy.

Letter from Mrs. Harris M. Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, discussing his anticipated endorsement by Tom Pendergast, as well as personal matters.

Letter from William Igoe to Lloyd Stark about Bernard Dickmann's candidacy for St. Louis mayor .

Letter from W. W. McColgin to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking Stark for his work in opposition to the Pendergast machine.

Letter from Horace Merritt to Governor Lloyd Stark, discussing opposition to Stark for his mission to clean up "old age pension lists" and how that is effecting support for James Douglas in the Missouri Supreme Court campaign, as well as other campaign related issues.

Letter from J. P. Kellett to Lloyd C. Stark congratulating Stark on his endorsement by Tom Pendergast and assuring him of the positive reputation he has among many friends in St. Louis.

Letter from J. R. Morgan to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding Stark's work cleaning up Kansas City and its police department. He describes Captain Dougherty at Station #4 as "crooked as any man that ever walked the face of the earth."

An anonymous letter to Governor Lloyd Stark asking that sale of fireworks be banned.

List of recipients of a gift of Golden Delicious apple cider from Lloyd C. Stark's orchards.

This letter from Teasdale to Stark describes the attitudes of residents of Ironton, Missouri - specifically that they would back the gubernatorial candidate that Tom Pendergast endorsed.

Booneville Daily News editorial expressing concern that voter fraud will be a problem in the upcoming gubernatorial election.