Catholic Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph

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Letter from the priests of the Holy Rosary Church to Edwin V. O'Hara, Bishop of Kansas City. The priests express concern that affixing boundary lines to Kansas City parishes would be a detriment to the future of the Holy Rosary Church in Columbus Park.

Photograph of opera singer Laurence Pierot posed with the choir of the Holy Cross Parish in front of the church after Mass. Pictured, front row: Mary Maloney, Mrs. J. Reed, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Frances Coughlan, Mrs. J. Cronin, Mrs. Durbin, Helen Fallaschek; second row: Edgar J. Keating, Alice Gerhart, Mrs.

Photograph of members of the Italian Supreme Intersocial Council of Kansas City. It consisted of members of several lodges and societies for the purpose of mutual aid to lodge and society members and the poor of the Holy Rosary parish.

Invitation in English and German to the Golden Jubilee of St. Mary's Altar Society of St. Peter and Pauls Parish on November 7, 1920. The parish was located at the southwest corner of 9th Street and McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of Bishop Thomas F. Lillis after the ceremony of the dedication of St. John Seminary at the southeast corner of Euclid Avenue and 72nd Street.

Photograph of St. Peter & Paul Church, once located at the southwest corner of 9th Street and McGee Street. This vantage point faces west-southwest from the southeast corner of 9th and McGee.

Photograph of members of Boy Scouts Troop 80, taken during Bishop Hogan's Knights of Columbus Council, a picnic at Fairyland Park on August 30, 1931. Boy Scouts Troop 80 assisted and provided a clown act as pictured.

Photograph of graduates of St. James Grade School. Monsignor John W. Keyes, pastor of St. James is pictured along with Rose Muser (5th from right).

Photograph of Nicholas Madgey, Francis Ruyssers, Joseph Ruyssers, and Henry Ruyssers (left to right) standing by the Ruyssers family Model T Ford. Motor cars were rare in the Holy Cross parish and with few automobile laws, Henry Ruyssers could drive his siblings and friends around the neighborhood even though he was in grade school.

Mid-1920's photograph of St. Peter's Church (left) and Rectory (right) on the south side of Meyer Boulevard between Holmes Street and Charlotte Street. This original corrugated iron church building was known by the congregation as the "Tin Cathedral".

Photograph of members of the Society of Saint Angelo de Licata. Most members were from Licata, Sicily and worshipped at Holy Rosary parish.

Photograph of a lily pond on the grounds of the St. Agnes Convent. This vantage point faces south-southeast with the auditorium and gym of St. Agnes Academy in the background.