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A flyer that seeks to disparage Harry S. Truman in his 1924 campaign for re-election as Judge of Jackson County. The document lists seven questions directed towards Harry S. Truman for the reader to consider before voting.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Hotel Robidoux in St. Joseph, Missouri to his wife Bess in Biloxi, Mississippi. On the eve of his forty-ninth birthday, Truman reflects to Bess that, "Politics should make a thief...

Letter from Harry S. Truman to his fiancée Bess Wallace while Truman was at Camp La Baholle, near Verdun, France. Truman gives insight into his personality as a leader, stating that, "If there's one thing I've always hated in a man it is to see him take his spite out on someone who couldn't talk back to him.".

Letter from Joseph F. Keirnan, Director of the Department of Liquor Control of Kansas City to attorney Jerome K. Walsh. Keirnan provides details on the activities of what he calls "Italian hoodlums" Joe and Tudie Lusco and Tommy Manzella. Keirnan also writes of the "clip joint" Jungle Club at 313 East 10th Street.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Washington D.C. to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman informs Bess of some political maneuvering involving Bennett C. Clark, saying that "It would have been taken for an obvious attempt on my part to keep him and the St. Louis gang from the Gov.

Letter from an anonymous democrat to Judge Harry S. Truman. This woman states her belief that new telephone operators should be employed at the Independence, Missouri Court House. She states, "Just because they have some friend politician is no reason they should stay in office forever."

Letter from United Dry Forces of Jackson County Executive Secretary Martha Trimble to the County Court of Jackson County. Trimble claims that the court has not allowed those opposed to the repeal of the 18th Amendment equal representation on precinct boards of election in Jackson County.

Letter from Harry S. Truman at the Hotel Governor Clinton in New York City to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this candid letter, Truman updates Bess on his morning and his trip to New York, saying that "[John N. Garner, Nathan L. Bachman, and William J. Bulow] had been to see T.J.

Letter from Porter T. Hall to Judge Nelson E. Johnson in which Hall states he will no longer be voting for Johnson for Judge of Jackson County. Instead, he writes of his interest in the re-election of Judges Henry F. McElroy and Harry S. Truman.

Letter from Harry S. Truman in Fort Riley, Kansas to his wife Bess in Independence, Missouri. In this letter, Truman updates Bess on his increased influence at Fort Riley, remarking that, "I'm having a wonderful time doing a little political maneuvering. Also evening up some scores.

Mr. James Pendergast (third from left) is photographed at President Harry S. Truman's inaugural gala at the National Guard Armory in Washington, D.C. Pendergast's wife, Kathleen (fourth from left), and daughter, Mary Ellen Pendergast (unknown position), are also present along with two unidentified women.

Letter from Senator Harry S. Truman to James D. Pouncey of The Jackson County Bar Association. Truman criticizes the bar for endorsing Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Walter White in not accepting Truman's invitation to appear before the Truman Committee.