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Photograph of an unidentified Strang Line station in Johnson County, Kansas, circa 1940. The small building features half stone walls and ornate rafter tails, and a car is parked to its side.

Photograph of the Strang Line car barn and power plant in Overland Park, Kansas, circa the late 1940s. Officially named the Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway, the Strang Line ceased operations in 1940, and the car barn is shown heavily covered in ivy, with tracks overgrown with weeds in the foreground.

Photograph of the home of Clara and Alfonso Stough, near 80th and Marty in Overland Park, circa 1940. The two-story home includes a stone porch, cedar shakes, and a porch swing. A swinging gate leads to the sidewalk. 

Photograph of the home of Clara and Alfonso Stough, looking east from Overland Park Drive to its location near 80th and Marty in Overland Park, circa 1940. The two story house is surrounded by trees and a grass prairie stands to its east. 

Photograph of a small structure at the northeast corner of Pine and Santa Fe Streets in Olathe, Kansas, circa 1940. The small business, owned and operated by Ed Rebesman, has signs advertising Pepsi and Whistle sodas on the side.

Photograph of the Hotel Olathe at 100 West Santa Fe Street in Olathe, Kansas, in the 1940s. A Holland Vending truck and two cars are parked in front of the hotel, and awnings cover the hotel windows. The building was formerly the Pearl Mills flour mill, and renovated into a hotel in 1889.

Photographs of businesses on a corner of Cherry and Park Streets in downtown Olathe, Kansas, in the 1940s. The brick and stone buildings house businesses including Pember's Men's Store, IGA Stores, Pember's Ladies Store, Kelly Morris Store, and Patron's Bank. 

Photograph of a dairy barn and house on the Porter Dairy Farm near Tomahawk and Mission Roads in Prairie Village, Kansas, circa 1915. A tilled field surrounded by wire fence is visible in the foreground of the image. 

Interior photograph of the Strang Line's Milburn Station in Overland Park, Kansas, circa 1925. The station served the Milburn Country Club and adjacent neighborhood, located near 71st Street and Metcalf Avenue. A sign reading "The Santa Fe Trail Route" and "Time Card" hangs on a wall in the hand-tinted image. 

Photograph of a woman boarding a Strang Line train, with a motorman standing on a step looking to the right, circa 1930. The train car is numbered 116 and a destination sign reads "OLATHE." 

Photograph of the two-story Merriam School building, located at Johnson Drive and King Avenue in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920. The pictured building was the second to house Merriam School, and was demolished in 1922. 

Photograph of the intersection of Johnson Drive and Nieman Road in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920, looking west down Johnson Drive from its intersection with Nieman. Two men stand on a sidewalk in front of Shawnee's first bank, on the southwest corner of the intersection.