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An autochrome photograph of J. C. Nichols's residence, taken from the south. Nichols was a nationally influential real estate developer.

An autochrome photograph of Lake Hiwassee looking east from a bridle path.

An autochrome photograph of Sid J. Hare standing next to forsythia flowers on his property. Hare was a Kansas City landscape architect.

An autochrome photograph of Fletcher Cowherd's house, taken from the east-northeast. Cowherd was a Kansas City real estate lawyer and developer and president of the Safety Savings and Loan Association.

A color glass plate positive photograph of a crowd observing a golf tournament at the Hillcrest Country Club.

An autochrome photograph of Ruby M. Robinson with rare poppies on her property. Her husband, Dr. Ernest F. Robinson, was a Kansas City surgeon.

An autochrome photograph of Frank Lauder's mother, Laura C. Lauder, with spirea flowers. The picture was taken looking northeast on Mother's Day, 1933 on her property.

An autochrome photograph of Mrs. Mary Z. Hibbard's residence, taken from the south.

An autochrome photograph of the West Bottoms and Kansas City Stock Yards as seen looking west from Kersey Coates Drive at its intersection with Beardsley Road, just north of 17th Street. This vantage point shows the St.

A color glass plate positive photograph of children swimming at a casting and wading pool in Gillham Park at the southeast corner of 41st Street and Kenwood Avenue.

An autochrome photograph of Louise Herman with her regal lilies on her and her husband's property. Her husband, Herman Schulte, was a manager at the Goetz Beer Company.

An autochrome photograph of Thomas L. Luzier's swimming pool, taken from the west. Luzier was founder of Luzier Personalized Cosmetics.